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About Chanda

Chanda, ERYT-500, has studied with numerous master teachers and is certified at the 500 hour level with both Shiva Rea and Shri Kali Tantra Ashram in Goa, India. Chanda has been drawn to fluid movement since she was born, beginning to study dance at the age of four, and embraces yoga as a pathway to realize our fullest potential and inherent creativity and freedom.

Chanda draws inspiration for her teachings from the world's movement traditions, belief systems, philosophies and music as well as science and the dancing universe, encouraging students to explore the many global expressions of being in flow.

Chanda's classes are breath centered and fluid and invite students to find spaciousness and peace whether engaged in a fiery flow full of arm balances and inversions or a lunar flow of hamstring and hip openers.

Chanda was introduced to yoga while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia. Since that time her love of yoga and of Africa have been intertwined, with Chanda specializing in yoga retreats to Africa. 

"Tantra encourages you to experience your
body as your most sacred alter
and to honor the cosmos that is your body by
honoring the fire that lives in the heart."
-Shiva Rea

Chanda is grateful to have seen many examples of human resilience, flexibility, power, and compassion as a yogini, an anthropologist, and through her work in geopolitics and encourages her students to view yoga as a full spectrum life practice of cultivating the ability to move through life with greater awareness, confidence, creativity, strength, and intelligence. 

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Retreats & Workshops


Private Classes

Chanda offers private yoga sessions for individuals, corporations, and events.

Please contact for details.


Suggested Readings

  • Tending the Heart Fire, Shiva Rea
  • Chris Thompkins' translations and commentary of various Tantric texts.
  • Seven Life Lessons of Chaos, Spiritual Wisdom from the Science of Change, Briggs and Peat
  • The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindess and Peace, Jack Kornfield
  • The Heart of Yoga, T.K. V. Desikachar

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